Small Business? We take care of EVERY little detail.

We get it. Our founder is a small town girl whose dad ran a home based business. Melody still remembers the struggle, the balancing act, a thousand different priorities, and no spare time!

That's the whole point of Digital Angel. We know where you are at, and have the tools to transform your problems into a massive online success.

A vast majority of small business are not showing off how good they REALLY are, when a customer views their site.....if they even HAVE a site.

You only have one chance to impress online. Your customers expect a lot from your online 'welcome'. That's all it is. People want to love your business but don't feel welcome or want to call if you look dodgy online.

No time?

You might think you don't have the time. We get it - small business owners are under the crunch! Digital Angel has that reality at it's core, and smooth the way ahead of you.

To get your new site, all you have to do is fill out a form, and hit the send button. Then we surround you with a brilliant photographer, writers, graphic designers, and super geeky developers. In only four weeks, we deliver a custom website that's true to you and packed with personality.

Digital Angel are the only Australian agency dedicated to helping small business.

Reach out and chat with me, so we can help you get online!



Melody Jarvis

Melody Jarvis is the founder and director of Digital Angel.

The daughter of a luthier, and mum of four, Melody is committed to closing the digital gap for family owned business.

Melody has 10 years experience directing creative digital teams to deliver excellence.